Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Same Man, Two Calls & One Visit

First Call
Me: Hello XXXX ER, MLee, RN can I help you?
Them: I was there last night, sick and all, in bad pain
Me: Okay, what can I help you with
Them: I cant read what it says on the drug pad
Me: The prescriptions you can't read? Did you get them filled?
Them: Naw, didn't want to fill them unless it was some good shit, you know to take care of bad pain
Me: Give me you name and SSN, I will look you up and let you know what meds they wrote you
Them: Name and SSN
Me:He wrote for naproxen for pain
Them: Never had that, it any good?
Me: Yup, it is great for back pain

Second Call
Me: Hello XXXX ER, MLee, RN can I help you?
Them: Ya man, just talking to some chic, the bitch told me that the drugs the doc gave me were good
Me: Yes, That chic was me, Naproxen is a good pain reliever for chronic low back pain
Them: naw, it is just Aleve, I am allergic to Aleve, Cant the doc wright me something else? I'm in bad pain
Me: sorry, but our doctors are unable to write you anything stronger unless they see you because the doctor that saw you is not here at this time.

Pt came in with c/p low back pain x 2 years, stated he was in bad pain and that bitch (me) lied to him about Aleve being good.
Doctor saw pt,went through every one of his allergies and informed him of a new pain medication that he was not allergic to. I discharged him with a Celebrex script, he flipped me the bird and said told ya I get something good..... I can't wait till he sees the cost of the script

What is so frustrating is that this pt, along with many others abuse the ER for pain medications. When they do not get what they want, they keep showing up. I am sure that he will show up again and again. Hopefully, he will not get what he wants, less than two weeks ago, I took care of him for OD on prescription meds.


  1. I think this dude's definition of "good" is different than yours.

    MLee: Good = Effective for pain

    Drug Seeker: Good = The good shit that gets one high as a kite.