Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crack heads of the day

Why would administration decide that all ER nurses have a in-service on defibrillators? All of us are ACLS, PALS, TNCC, CEN, and are in at-least 1 situation a day that we use the dang thing. What, they don't they think that we would know how to turn it on by now? Not only did they have us do the in-service, but they sent someone down from education who had to read out of a book in front of us, how to use it.... Only a crack head would come up with that idea

Who had the brilliant idea that the trauma room floors should be stripped and waxed during one of the busiest times of the shift? And, that they would do all the trauma rooms at the same time? Only a crack head

Who would write up a ER nurse for starting a IV and giving epi and atropine to a patient who was in cardiac arrest without a doctors order? Only a crack head float nurse would, who had no business being in my ER!!!

Who would think that sending 14 student nurses to the ER to train when there are only 8 ER nurses on duty would be a great idea because we were short handed? And, they had the thought that we would appreciate the extra help when they were in their 1st semester? Only a crack head would.

Lesson learned today, administration is using way to much crack!!!

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