Monday, November 2, 2009

Big John

I just love some of my patients. I have been taking care of one patient that is schizophrenic for about 10 years now. He doesn't like many people, but for some reason he has decided that I am a "good egg," and is just a little protective of those he likes. Now, to put him into perspective.

I will call him Big John, who is 270lbs of pure muscle and 6ft 9ins tall. He has a imaginary friend that I will call Harry. Big John becomes very violent because Harry tells him to kill everyone that is around him due to them wanting to kill Big John. Now, Big John knows that Harry is wrong and comes in before Harry can take complete control of him. Harry can only take complete control when he is all of the way out of the floor. Now the only reason why Harry thinks that I am okay, is because I kicked someone out of the room one day years ago that was yelling at Big John. So, I am safe, as Big John says, but I am always careful.

Now back to my story: Big john came in and was completely homicidal today. He would not let anyone around him, but me. I was very leery, because anything could always change the mind of a

schizophrenic. Anyway, we were trying to get another patient that was on PCP into one of the locked rooms that was next to Big John's locked room. The patient got loose of us and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time (my fault). I ended up knocked on my butt. Well Big John saw this and thought that the other patient was going to hurt me. He broke down his door and knocked the other patient out cold. By this time we have police, techs, security all in this area, which Big John trusts none of them. He thought I was hurt and before I could say a word to calm him down, he just picked me up like a sack of potatoes and laid me down on a stretcher. I was scared to death to move. He sat down and yelled for one of our doctors to come and fix his friend.

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