Thursday, November 19, 2009


I just had to giggle at this one:

Guy comes in with his wife. she had a laceration that needed to be sutured. He was all into looking at the wound, without a problem. The minute he saw the small needle that was going to be used to numb her, he passed out cold. He hit the ground, smacked his head, and was now in the need of stitches. Instead of his wife showing any concern, she just says he always does this when he sees a needle. Now, what I don't understand is:
If the sight of a needle makes you pass out, why are you watching us stitch your wife????
If you know that you husband is going to collapse when we pull out the needle, why not warn us? why not suggest that he sits down? why the hell have him in your room?

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  1. Hey, if everyone were smart, we wouldn't need emergency rooms in the first place, would we?