Thursday, November 5, 2009

Common Experimental Drugs Country Folks Use

A friend of mine lives and works in NY. We talk every night about the type of patients that we see and what our locale trends are. She has never experience theses type of drug users, so this is for my city slicker friend.
It was just after lunch time, when five School students began showing classic symptoms that come after ingesting jimson weed. They began to have hallucinations, a lot of vomiting and wild-eyed looks...One of the children was so delirious, had to be restrained to get on the gurney to be put in the ambulance. When you ingest jimson weed seeds, a little will get you pretty high and too much will get you sick, or kill you. Another dosage or so, they would probably be dead, so it is very dangerous. Jimson weed, most commonly found in fertile fields, gardens and barn lots, can cause serious health complications, including rapid heartbeat, high fever, convulsions, blindness, coma, and death.
Shrooms are another natural drug that bored country kids go scouring the local farmer's field for. Had one teen come in after drinking his special tea completely tripped out. Apparently he was having a bad trip and everyone's eyes were leaking their color. Normally we just place them in a room and let them trip until the drug wears off, but some that are having bad trips we sedate.
Peyote users are one of my favorite to see coming strolling through the EMS doors. No matter how bad of a day a person has, one conversation with someone on their peyote trip will make you giggle and look at life in a new light. Many people think that it is the flower of this cactus, and become sick from attempting to gain a high form the flower. The peyote tea is made from the crown, which causes very vivid hallucinations that last about 12 hours. The main problem we see when someone comes in is n/v. However, we have had to help support a persons blood pressure before.

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