Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Items Nurses Take From Patients

After having my butt kicked by an 90 year old, maybe 89lb dementia patient today, which ended in me with bites, scratches, and tetanus shot and her in hard restraints. I found it humorous at what items that I end up taking form patients over the last few months.

Today, after a few bites from the above patient, I took her dentures. Now, she could only gum people.

After a homicidal/ suicidal pysc patient attempted to run away for the 3rd time, I took his artificial leg. Now, he could only hop away, which he attempted, but he was easier to catch.

I have taken a cane from a women that was attempting to hit my poor doc with it.

A bucket of snakes from some guy who was bitten catching snakes. Apparently, he was not the best snake charmer in this neck of the woods

Finally,the patients favorite, but my worst... a 10in vibrator from a patient with a lower GI bleed, who was c/o pain, but still attempting to use it.... Hmmm, wonder how he got the bleed!!!


  1. Thats a pretty good idea, taking the artificial leg from the psych pt =) By the time we get the patients on the floor, you guys (ER nurses) usually have already taken their offending objects away from them. Thank you for that! =)

    ..and wow with regards to the 10in vib pt! Wow, thats all I can say heh.

  2. I don't think I could handle your job... Too many crayzees.

  3. Bendy, yes it is amazing at what we take away:)
    Bubblegirl,the crazy pts are only a small portion of the pts that we see, they are just the most interesting to blog about:)