Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post 100 My day

For a couple of weeks I have been debating of what to post as my 100th post. Then I realized that it really did not matter because I was not posting at all while I was debating on what to post.
So, what the hell, I am just going to post about my day because my day was laughable when I look back on it.

1. Get to work and realize scrubs are on inside out.
2. grab husbands coffee instead of mine, not a good thing
3. Broke my Rosary, yes I carry one, I am superstition and everything goes bad when I do not have it. The doctors had bought it for me from Rome and they too believe that the day will go to hell if it is not in my pocket. ( It has become a running joke in the ER)No, I don't preach and never have it out, but it was my security blanket that I kept tucked away for comfort)
4. Had a resident stick me when we were holding down a child for stitches (thankful it was a clean needle)
5. vomited on and took 30 minutes to find scrubs
6. gun shot to the chest ended with me being sprayed with 500ml of blood when chest tube was placed. (dang undies even got socked, ended up running around all day with no undies, which was found quite funny to my co-workers)
7.ran over by a linen cart with my diet cherry limeade in my hands, which ended up in yet another change of scrubs.
8. peed on by a drunk, yup you guessed it, another change of scrubs.
9. finally, had a another code. problem is, I had changed scrubs so many times that I only could find an XL top the last time. I wear XS bottoms and S or M top. Well, just a warning to all women at there, if you have to do a code in a top that is too big, you boobs will be exposed during compressions and you really don't have the time to put them back up.

What I learned today,
1. Get a new Rosary!!!!
2. Be thankful that I have great co-workers, even if all were guys today. My partner in crime 1st tucked the girls back in by pulling scrub top back up, then took off his under shirt for me to swim in under the XL top! Now that is a buddy for life.
3.Bring at-least 4 sets of extra scrubs to stash in locker.
4. I really do know way too many 4 letter words!

even though the day just would not go right, I still enjoy my job an love my co-workers. Looking back on it, I really should have stayed in bed, but the chain of events that unfolded were hilarious even if I was the butt of the joke though out the day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Deleted Comments

I went to delete portions of a few comments because they had email address in them. I thought that maybe these people did not want me to post their emails for the world to see. Unfortunately I ended up deleting their entire posts, and a way for me to contact them. I your comments were one of the ones I deleted. I am sorry, it was completely an accident. and now I do not have your emails to contact you by.

Nursing Bloopers

ER Doctors and nurses are human, and working together day in and out we get comfortable with each other,and end up doing something stupid at some point. So here are my op 3 bloopers of the year.

1. While sitting down, reached for IV cart that was behind me. Problem was that a male nurse was standing behind me and I ended up grabbing his family jewels. Funny part was that I didn't register what I had grabbed and squeezed trying to figure out what I was holding. (He seemed happy, but I was mortified and still have not lived it down)

2. One of my coworkers has lost a ton of weight, yet has not bought any new scrubs. During a code, she was doing compressions and her scrub bottoms slipped right down and exposed her Minnie mouse bottoms. (Her new nick name is Minnie).

3. Bored one night, which does not happen often, stretcher surfing somehow got started. Well there is a ramp outside of the EMS doors. Long story shorten. Doc, who was winning, ended up flying down the hall, unable to make the turn and out the door he went and down the ramp into a dumpster he landed. Lucky he was not hurt, but we now call him Oscar (You know, from sesame street)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Code 3 Sunburn

Radio report:
29 year old male...... sunburn related itching

What the ED status was:
42 rooms filled, 20 in waiting room, 3 EMS reports coming in

As the poor EMS rolled in, we saw:
Wife rubbing lotion on Pt's back in tears saying he is going to die with out pain meds. PT on his belly screaming and yelling that it itches soooooooooooo bad!

My response:
Walked over, saw a very minor sunburn that was covered in about 2 large bottles of coco butter and globs. Asked the PT if he had any other injuries,

"nope just itching like crazy, it's going to kill me."

Are you allergic to anything, like maybe coco butter?

"Nope use it all the time, but right now it isn't helping! Are you going to give me Xanax or Valium now? That is the only thing that helps my itching!"

Can you walk?


Okay, you can go though those double doors to your left and check in at triage.

Pt's wife then screams are me,"we want straight back that is why we called 911!

4 hours later, triage calls me because a PT wants to file a complaint

Guess who... sunburn guy

his complaint was that he was treated for sunburn and discharged with out pain meds. Wife wanted him admitted and placed on a Dilaudid drip. Conversation just went downhill from there. At one point I could not help but to ask more questions for entertainment!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funnies of the day

Patient calls in and tells me that he can't get the toilet paper out of his wound. Once again, I had to ask.... Why is there toilet paper in your wound, Well doc had done an I&D and packed it, the packing looked like skinny worms, so he pulled it out and stuff it with toilet paper....

child presents with c/o fever, during triage she doesn't have a fever and everything else came back normal, mom asks if we can admit her baby for a few hours.... once again I ask why, apparently mom had a lunch date....

another call, women wanted to know if she could eat nutella with a nut allergy if she pretreated herself with her epi pen.... I so wanted to say sure, not a problem. see ya in 30 minutes.

However, my favorite call of the day was a little boy calling to see if I could xray his dogs leg. The dog was limping and he was worried that it had hurt his leg. What is funnier was that the little boy was my son!!! and yes we xray the leg and ended up with a sucker-for-kids er doc, splinting a dogs broken leg till we could take him to the vet. Thankful I did not have to pay the $100 co-pay my insurance charges:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carrot cake

I get immune to the sounds of the emergency room. Call lights, alarms, shouts, vomiting, babies crying, and so on. However, for some reason they stuck out today. It all started when my code pager went off. I took off from triage and sprinted towards the back. it went something like this:

pager alarming, beeping from the badge scanner to get through locked doors, pages over head for code team stat to room 6, pyxis door buzzing as it opens, ran past a crying baby, women complaining about wait time, man asking for blanket, and what sticks out the most is in room 9 I overheard the doc agreeing with the alzheimer's patient that carrot cake was the best. Not really sure why I thought this was so funny or even worth blogging about. To me it just demonstrates how many different things are going on at the same time in the er, and most of them have nothing to do with each other.