Monday, November 9, 2009

Husband + Nail Gun = ER

Was not really sure of where to post this one, my ER blog, or my home blog because it fits into both.

The other day I was just out puttering around with odd and end chores when I heard my husband scream. He was repairing part of the chicken coop, so that is the direction I headed thinking my god what happened, is he okay, and all the other wonderful things that run through a persons head when they think that someone they love is hurt. I find him yelling and screaming, yet I can't figure out why. Then I saw it, he had nailed his hand to the chicken coop. Once he calmed down, I was unable to keep a straight face. He was stuck and there was noway to get him unstuck without cutting the board that he was nailed to. I am positive that it was painful, but come on it was pretty funny,. what made it even funnier was that it was my husband. After taking him to the ER with board, nail and all, my poor hubby had to endure my friends and coworkers. Even the ER doc was unable to keep a straight face. His words to my husband, "if it was anyone else i would not tease ya, but that was not the smartest thing you have ever done."
Just for the record, that is not my husbands x-ray.
He is fine with no real damage, but pride
The chicken coop has been patched

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  1. Glad he's okay. My hubby took a 10 lb sledgehammer to the face and split his lip (surprisingly small injury). My brother works construction, and he's had friends that have nailed into their chest - narrowly avoiding his heart; another nailed his hand to the roof while putting up shingles... One of them nailed their hand to a board he was holding up, looked at his hand, continued nailing the board into place, and only called for help when the board was secure.