Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yup, He is Deader than a Door Nail

Okay here I am enjoying a impromptu day off. Playing on computer, stuffing face with as much chocolate as possible, hanging out under the covers when my phone starts ringing. Dang, thought I had shut it off! Well the neighbour was calling because she had found her dear old gramps laying in bed not breathing. Estimated EMS for this area is 45 minutes to an hour. For the record I have 5 neighbors within a 30 mile radius, all who are very old. Anyway, my truck was stuck in the mud, which meant I had to ride down or walk down. I opted to ride down without the saddle, which I am paying for now. I get there and the family is performing CPR on this very OLD man.Just looking at the guy, anyone could tell he had been dead for awhile. His wife comes up to me and says, " I told them he was deader than a door nail, they just won't listen." I reached down, attempted to lift his arm, which he was in full rigor and I could only say, "yup, he is deader than a door nail." I am thinking that I might want to try and think prior to speaking. Man, life was better under my covers with the chocolate.


  1. Wow Lee, that's harsh, but very Dickensonian.

    PS: I'm doing all I can to spread the word about your blog. I'm really enjoying your stories.

  2. I know it was pretty bad. I normally try to watch my words, it just slipped out.Funny that you used Dickensian, had a website for years and that is what it was described as by others. Thanks, I saw your props, I just enjoy ranting and it gives my hubby a break:)