Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Been a Few Days

My hospitals in the middle of this big buy out. Now, we are doing mandatory 16 hour shifts, reg at the beside, and still short. I don't see much in the way of all of the promised changes with the buy out. Same sit, just another boss. Main things I care about.
1. do I still have a job....... yes
2. Will I get a raise..... damn it.... nope, in fact we still are on a pay freeze
3. What will happen to all my vacation time?..... doesn't matter, I used it all a long time ago

Now,what I find funny, just got a notice that I am up for wage review and to make sure that I have all of my education and shot records up to date and turned back in, or I will not get my raise..... LMAO, what is the purpose of the review????? Am I missing something???? We have been on a pay freeze for 4 years, which means that I have not gotten a raise and will not get on for a long time. Freaking morons

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