Monday, November 16, 2009


Dr. Hates women: always thinks it is funny when a women is charge instead of one of the guys, and calls the charge phone at least once an hour.
Today he questioned why the nurse pulled a Foley out without his order and he wanted them to be written up

Me: No, I am not writing them up, I told them to pull it, It was clogged, from nursing home with debris and green discharge, nursing home notes reported last changed 3 months ago, client had 900 ml of fluid in bladder per bedside bladder scanner. Here is the form, you can write me up!

His response: none
2 hours later received call from director about me being written up for ordering diagnostic lab without order. Dr. hates women neglected to list which test was done
Me: answered with written nursing protocol signed by medical director
What I should not have done was run protocol through language scanner for his native tongue(Arabic) and posted it on his locker... opps...bad nurse

I wonder how he would respond to this posted on his locker????

تقبيل الكاحل بلدي تبين بمقبض الأمريكية


  1. As a foot note: I have to say that all my normal ER docs are great, this guy is just the exception to the rule

  2. What's Arabic for "douche bag"?

  3. LOL! I love it. Maybe he'll get the hint?

    Of note - I'm enjoying your blog. I also am a SANE and a Certified Forensic Nurse. Good to see others of our kind on the blogosphere!

  4. GB, RN your translation would be الشطف كيس. However, it is converted to rinse bag. :)
    Julie, it is always great to see another SANE. We are definitely a rare breed of nurses:)I am glad that you enjoy the blog. It is my little place to rant about the stupidity of some without driving my hubby nuts.