Friday, November 13, 2009

How to REALLY tick me off

I have three pet peeves, and everyone that works with me knows them by heart, or at least I thought so. That was until the nurse that only works two days a week decided to make me want to snatch her by the back of the head by violating every single one of them.

1. Help your coworkers. I don't want to hear that it is not your room! If the rack is full, the waiting room is standing room only, I have patients lined up in strechers down the hall, waiting room is standing room only, and your patients are taking care of, please get off of you ass and help discharge. There is no I in emergency nursing, or any position in the emergency room, for that matter. Working in the ER is a team sport. That is the only way we can get everything and keep everything flowing. Especially, when I convince our docs to help discharge, you should not be sitting there goofing off.

2. Wipe a butt, place a Foley, wheel out patients, when the techs are getting their butts kicked Just because you are a RN, does not mean that you can not do personal care. As far as I am concerned, RN means that you can do EVERYTHING from CNA to RN. And if you talk down to my staff, I swear, that I will give you the next patient that has to have Kayexalate while convincing the Doc that they do not need a rectal tube!

3. Finally, but one of the most important.... the diet cherry limeade from sonic that EMS and Docs always bring me in is ... MINE, so keep your lazy, grubby, nursitis hands off. That is my crack of choice, if I don't get it one of my multiple personalities will come out and make your life hell!

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  1. Yes, some people need to walk around with a warning label on their heads that clearly reads: Idiot: do not trust with everyday task for this person clearly cannot perform any task they have been trained for.