Friday, January 15, 2010

Please don't

I only say these things because it has happened!

1. If you find bright red fluid in the diaper, check to see what the color of the juice is that is in the kids sippy cup!!!

2. Gum stuck in the child's hair is not an emergency!!!

3. because your friend's child was potty trained at 12 month, which I doubt. Don't worry if you 15 month old is not.

4. I really do not care how long your labor was. I had 4 children all natural without pain medication and do not want to compare stories.

5. Please do not ask me if I think you kid is cute. There are ugly babies out there! If your child is one of them, instead of answering you, I will simply say what a cute outfit.

6. If you are in the ER for etoh and drug abuse and there are 4 of your kids in the waiting room, please do not ask me the best way to get pregnant..... My sugestion is fertilation.


  1. To add to your Please don't list....

    I had a patient come in who was totally freaked out because his legs were turning blue. She thought for sure she was going to die. All was well thought when I took a wet wash cloth with some soap and cleaned her legs.... the die from her new jeans had kind of transferred to her legs... Luckly amputation was divereted.

  2. Please don't tell me that unpotty-trained was an ER chief complaint!

    Let me guess: they came in by ambulance didn't they?

  3. lol... yes they did come in via EMS and I added the chief complaint as "mother states child is having motor skills delay due to inability to walk" I had to have some fun with an attempt to confuse the docs:)