Saturday, January 23, 2010

Make a Nurse Smile

People have asked me why do you work in the ED. Some days I really do not know why, after being belittled, yelled out, and dealing with some of the most persistent drug seekers. However, those above are only a sample of who I take care of in the ED, and some patients just make you smile all day.

1. Little old ladies, who have reached the age that they just do not care what comes out of their month. They can say some of the most insightful and interesting things that I have ever heard. Example: One day, a very special 87 year old women, , who was slightly affected by dementia, stated to the doctor, "She is cute why don't you just date the nurse, marry her, and have a bunch of kids, if you get laid, you will be a happier man and less grumpy!"

2. Children are also the funniest little patients that a nurse could have. There is a age where children are just brutally honest, yet they only understand what they have been told and what they see. One such child, 5 year old male, told a nurse that if she was not a home wrecker than she would not be fat with a bastard child. Apparently, the mother of the child had said why too much in front of her child. Her ex-husband's new wife was pregnant.

These are just few of the patients, there are hundreds that just know the right way to make a nurse smile.

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