Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forget about that nuero consult!!!

Log roll patient, part of skull hit floor and baseball size piece of brain landed on foot. Yup, nuero is not going to do nothing with this! Forget about the burr holes we had requested earlier, you know us in the ER, we make our own.

When nuero called to ask why we cancelled, he thought I was joking when I said that they are on the floor. Nope, I was not teasing. Most on the floor and a few bits on my shoxs.

And no,Dr.sleepy, I am not being a smart-ass, just logical and stating the facts to you so you do not drag yourself out of bed for nothing. Next time, I will consult you on ever chronic HA at 3am to rule out a tumor if you keep being a snotty little boy