Friday, January 29, 2010

Going to Haiti

With everything going on in the world, there is always the need for volunteers. I am part of a disaster response team and every year I have the opportunity to help someone. It is just a way that I can help others like I was once help.

With this said. I am nervous and frustrated at this time. I am to go to Haiti and was set to go two days after the earthquake. However, due to the united nations taking over, nurses are right now not allowed to come in due to safety reasons. So, my questions are, why not? I was supposed to go with the troops, and work within their wire. To me, this would mean that I am very protected. Now, the UN wishes for us to work else where, yet they are delaying our deployment for up to 8 weeks. Haiti needs nurse now and we are left with our hands tied. I really can't stand red tape!

So why am I nervous? I have been in manydisasters, yet something about this just leads me to believe it will be the worst that I have ever seen.


  1. Love your BLOG. I am Labor and Dlivery RN and we get the crazy stuff 2. Keep is up will post yourBLOG on my sight. I did over 3hrs of reading. LMAO funny!!!

  2. Thank you, and to think that I always attempt to divert pregnant patients with runny nose up to you all. :)

  3. That is a stinker; sorry to hear. I'm an officer in the Army National Guard about to embark upon pre-req's for nursing school (English was my first major) and it can be as bad on the inside as the out.

    They asked us in camo to only volunteer... if we spoke French. ?? Go figure. Like the blog - following as of today :)