Sunday, January 3, 2010

My One Weakness

Well, I hate to admit my one and true weakness, but the cat was let out of the bag today. A person can puke, poop, pee,and bleed on me. However, mucus just gets to me. Most of the time I can hold the gag in or think pleasant thought. I have worked in my ER for over six years, with the same staff and same doctors and they never had an inkling to my aversion and my gag reflex when it comes to mucus. Well today, I was helping another nurse with one of her patients. This patient had a foul, rank, and obscene Odor to her. It was not fecal or urine, No clue what it was but it was bad! I turned away from her for one minute and when I turned back she had runny, snotty, foul mucus all over her face. The mucus combined with her unique smell just sent me over the edge. I made an attempt at a graceful departure towards the bathroom, but only made it as far as a trauma room. With my head over a biohazard can while I looked done at bloody towels and pads from our recent trauma I dry heaved till I thought I was going to pass out. When I finally thought I had composed myself, I made my way to the nearest bathroom. When I encounter the patient in the hall, but this time she reached out to grab my arm with her slimy hand. That is when I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I made a dash towards the bathroom and lost all of my cookies. Unfortunately, I had not locked the door.... Next thing I know one of my favorite doctors was in the bathroom with me holding a syringe filled with zofran. Between gagging I was trying to tell him that I was not nausea just disgusted and that last time I got a shot I passed out (Don't like needles:) Long story longer... he gave me the shot, I passed out, when I woke up I had half ER staff surrounding me on a gurney. (ER nurses worst nightmare!!!) At first they thought I had morning sickness, nope took about 15 minutes to convince them I was not pregnant, not sick, did not need 100 or so tests to dx my illness. I just got disgusted and gagged. Once they all figured it out, They spent the day making sniffing, snotting, and every noise possible that might make me gag..... The feeling of the ER love!!! Think it is going to be a while before they let up on me.


  1. I hate snot and mucus! I had a similar reaction when I was a nursing student. My preceptor wanted me to do trach care - I very reluctantly stepped up to the plate, started and then proceeded to vomit out two days worth of meals into the garbage can beside the patient. Even as a staff nurse I can't handle snotty secretions. Now to take a gravol because thinking about that has made me nauseated.

  2. I hate nasty mouth funk-smell! When I look in a mouth and realize the person who owns the thing hasn't cared for it in years and the teeth are rotting and smell like death I get a sudden wave of nausea. Luckly I have yet to pass out in an ER like you.

  3. Maha... lol, I normal try to find a picture to post with my blog entry, but this time I just could not bring myself to search.

    Doctor D, in my defense it was the doctor's fault that I passed out, unfortunately the sensation of the needle going through my skin just is a little too much... (vaccines are a real bitch for me) I am still giving my doc crap. lol I always tell my patients that it is better to give than to receive as I give them the injections

    Second shift, er is like family we will beat each other up all day than be there at each others side when needed.... gotta love the er that is one of the reasons I stay :)