Monday, January 4, 2010

23 weeks...

23 weeks and 23 visits. I can't wait till this pregnant female hits 24 weeks because than we can just divert her to L&D.

Week 1.... I missed my period and think I might me pregnant, can you test me? no, well I have abdominal pain.... Instant pregnancy test

Week 2 ... I get nausea in the morning, can i have a pain shot? No, well have abd pain..... instant treatment

Week 10... Can you do a ultrasound so I can tell the sex? No, I have abd pain and think I am spotting... instant ultrasound

Week 16.... I have abd pain can you tell me the sex of the baby now that I am further along?..... ultrasound.... it's a boy

Week 23.... How long before I can just give birth, so tired of being pregnant.... 40weeks!!!! I have abd pain, knee pain, nausea, sore throat, on and on... can I have a pain shot?

Now this can go on and on.... I could tell you every visit from week 1 to week 23, what a waste of medical resources....


  1. LOL..too funny. We get to divert to L&D at 18 weeks! Yeah! You want a job up here? LOL

  2. Now you say something, 23 weeks ago might have been nice!!! LMAO She only has 3 days left till diversion :)