Friday, October 23, 2009

Why it is not a good idea to use drugs!!!

Patient came in twitching, screaming, and wild eyed. It took three of us to get the guy into the "special room." We finally got to the bottom of this guys problem. He had taken some of his aunts medication and thought it would get him high, amitriptyline. After awhile he decided to smoke some pot because the amitriptyline had not gotten him high in the 20 mins since he took it. thirty minutes later, the fun began. He reported that the people came out of the TV and sat their talking to him. more disturbing was that it was aliens that he was watching on the tv. Over time the conversation turned on him and he started thinking that the aliens were going to dissect him while he was alive. This is when he took off running out the door. OH it does get better, apparently the aliens could track him via the GPS locator's thay had sewn into his clothes. police found him running down the street screaming and naked. later on, when the drugs in his system had worn off, patient reported that he always gets a little paranoid with pot. Combine that with the oddball very rare side effect of hallucinating with amitriptyline, this patient had one hell of a drug cocktail.
Lessons learned: don't take someones medications and stay away from drugs.

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