Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Now this ends the day on a good note....
guy comes in and we are told that it is a possible stroke. One minute we are talking to him and hooking everything up, the next he stopped breathing. Felt for a pulse, found none, thumped him, that did no good, started CPR and after 10 to 15 compressions I hear, DAMN IT, I look down and he is awake, did rhythm check and he had a NSR. Now that is one of the reasons that I became a nurse. Outcome for him was that he did have a stroke, we have no clue why he arrested, but he should be fine.... Just a little sore for the 1 broke rib, opps


  1. Odd. Probably went into temporary V-Tach.

    Good job starting chest comprssions fast and doing them hard enough to break ribs! He should be grateful to have a nurse who knows her stuff.

  2. Thanks, not sure what was up with him, he did give me a "oh crap moment"