Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, you are sick so you get to be a jerk

Some how, it has been commonly believed that when you are sick, you have the right to treat everyone like crap. I worked triage today and here are a few of the wonderful praises I received.

Him, "What do you mean I can't go right back, are you an idiot, can't you see I am in pain"

Me, "I know you do not feel well and I will get you a room as soon as possible"

Him, "You just let them cut in line on me, they came right in and you gave them a room, you are a racist cracker"

Me, "you have a back pain for 6 months, they cut off their finger, they get a room first"

Her, "this is bulls##@!, why can't I bring my McDonald's back, I paid for this"

Me, "It is policy that there is no food or drinks allowed in the back, as I point to the 4 large signs displayed in the waiting area. You should not be eating, you complain of abd pain, and n/v"

Her. "you bi@# h, you can't tell me what to do"

Them, "I have been here for 30 minutes waiting on a room, my head is killing me, can't you just take me back?"
Me, "Sorry, I do not have a room for you at this time, when one comes open I will place you in it"
Them, "you just expect me to sit out her with all of these people, I am going to catch the swine flu and then I am going to sue you"

them, "i waited all this time and the doc sent me home with nothing, I have the flu and he won't give me an antibiotic"

Me, "the flu is a virus and an antibiotic will not help"

Them, "fine then you have it," then he spit on me

patient asked me what determines who gets seen first, I told him that the sickest have a higher priority, he then falls to the floor and look up at me and states with a straight face, "I keep fainting, you saw it, I get to go straight back now, right"

Patient walks in and asks "are you busy today, can I be seen fast?
I say yes we are busy, but it depends on your acuity to how fast you get seen, the sickest are seen first.
then they just threw their clip board at me

these are just a few. Today I have had food, clipboards, soda and an unknown object thrown at me. I have been called every name in the book. I have been spit on and threatened with violence. All because people had to wait for a room, wait to be seen, not happy with the toradol prescription, and referred to walk in clinic.

I just love my job some days!!!

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  1. Wow, I knew I was lucky working in a Children's hospital ER. We did have many angry parents but nothing like what you have to cope with. You should have a security guard sitting with you at all times!! That's just sickening...