Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Are you kidding me--- RANT

I just love being short staffed!!! I wish the suits could explain to me how in the world they expect someone not to be killed without staff. Over the past year, they cut or per diem, forced overtime, then cut overtime. Then they took away our sick time, decreased our PTO time, cut our hours, laid off staff, and told us if we had over time that we could be fired. Now, we are forced overtime again. I give up, are they kidding me, do they really think that what they are doing is staff. Today for example, had 3 resp distresses that we placed on vents, 2 with norepi, one with dopamine. Another one sent the to cath lab, which I had everything done in 19min (one heck of door to balloon). had 2 overdoses and one that was status epilepticus. this was all before 1300. during this time, I had one tech and a emt student. So the question is, HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS SAFE STAFFING???? Okay, that is just my little rant.

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