Monday, October 12, 2009

Why is everything always wrong in the newspaper?

Today I found out that something was actually done to help protect a child that I filed a mandatory report on. I have been watching all over the news about a sex offender that was arrested, but never linked him to the report that I had made well over a month ago. It is great that something was done, but what frustrates me is that the facts behind the report that I filed were listed in the paper wrong, over and over again. The police report made it look like the cop found out about a crime due to a nurse "misunderstanding" the facts and mandatory reporting another possible abuse case. So frustrating. Thank god for laws that protect us when we mandatory report. I hope that officer feels good about the job he did making nurses look like idiots. At least something was done to protect that child. No matter how it came about.


  1. Good catch. It's always nice to hear that someone stood up for kids who couldn't stand up for themselves.

    This is one case where you don't mind the news being wrong. You don't need the guy to come looking for you when he gets out.

  2. lol... That is the main reason I am VERY thankful for the one section of the law that states my name can not be disclosed.