Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have no clue why people are so stupid. Here are two examples:

Mother did not fill prescription for albuterol updraft, son has asthma attack, so instead bring to ER, she give a tap water updraft because it looks just like the albuterol. Kid gets to the ED, is suffering from hypoxia. We have child on a simple mask and child's O2 Sat's goes up to 98%, off of O2, Sat's drop to 79% and child becomes confused and screams nonstop because he is "seeing" snakes allover the room. Tell mother to keep O2 on or child will end up on a vent. So what does mom do???? you guess it, she takes off the O2 stating that child is not comfortable. She than sneaks out to smoke and comes running in when child ends up in resp distress, which leads to cardiac arrest, we code child and he survives, but is probably has anoxic brain...... WAY TO GO MOM!!!!

6 year old comes in the ER with her heel basically shave off. Ask mom what happened, she was playing on the steps and cut foot on piece of glass that she broke the day before. Mom was mad because she told the 6 year old to pick up the glass and she got what she deserved. My questions are why did the mom not be a mom and pick up the glass herself when it was broken? My god this was a child.

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