Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not sure what is going on, but we have had a increase in the acuity of the patients coming in. I wonder if all the hospitals are getting their butts kicked as hard. It had gotten so bad today that I opened up the rooms to hold 2 patients instead of the normal 1 patient per room and our trauma bay I opened up to 4 patients. 5 vents in the ER at the same time is not a fun day for a charge nurse, staff nurses, nor the Docs. To put the number of patients into perspective. We have 30 rooms in the back that can hold 60 patients, but normally we try to keep to them private rooms, and we have 2 trauma rooms that can hold 4 patients in each, 1 minor med area that has 6 rooms that can hold 2 patients each, plus our lovely stretchers we can place along the halls. I am on call for Sane the next 36 hours and looking forward to the TNCC class I have to teach the next 2 days. A little role playing trauma will be a nice break from the real trauma, and hopefully no one gets assaulted. Don't get me wrong, I love the trauma, codes, freak accidents, and at times the clinic side of working in the ER, but this week has really brunt me out. Need a recharge :)

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