Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brazilian wax

Women came in with c/o labia pain. Prior to exam, the women bashfully explained that she had always wanted to have a brazilian wax, but was too shy to go to the salon. So here she is in the ER showing the ER nurse and ER doc the results of having her husband wax her. Her poor husband look sick, He did not mean to hurt her, yet there was blood everywhere. He had misunderstood her directions on not to put wax on the "lips." he had gotten a small portion on her labia and when he held the skin tight and pulled, he caused a avulsion labia. I am not sure who I felt more sorry for, the wife with the injury or the husband who felt horrible.

Moral of the story... if you want to wax down there go to someone who can do it and don't talk your poor hubby into it.

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  1. OUCH!!! I'm a guy, and I feel for both of them. For her, because of such a dreadful injury, and for him, because he won't be getting any until 2011! :)

    Have a good one.