Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cyanosis vs Eye Shadow

Women presented with c/o SOB that has a history of COPD. Attempting to triage her was difficult due to the blue eyeshadow that was in a giant circle around her mouth and on her lips. However, she was insistent that it was related to her SOB. Pulse ox was 99% on room air and lungs were clear.

So what do we do as we choke on our giggles.....
We rush her back because it is the policy to take everyone back. Shoot a chest xray than proceed to do a cardiac work up because she now has chest pain with a cardiac history.

We did everything we could to give her an out. We asked if she had been eating anything blue... nope she says. We ask if she could have gotten make up on her pillow, which would have transferred to her face while she slept.... nope, nope, she states, I am blue because I am dying and you are doing nothing to save me. Family is surrounding her and must not have a brain between them because they see the same as we do. Blue glittery make up painted around the woman's face. Finally, I give up and grab a wash cloth and wipe. Who knew it would wash right off???? She was ticked because she reported the cool water gave her a chill and would make her sicker, and all hubby could say was, "holy crap the blue comes off!!" Without thinking, I point to the women's open purse and say, it should it is the same color as the eye Shadow sitting on top of her meds that she made me pull out." Needless to say, she was discharged after a psych eval.

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