Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't get between two angry love birds

98 year old women presented via EMS c/o should pain after altercation with local police.... Yes, a 98 year old women. What's better is that 99 year old man presented with laceration to his forehead after altercation with local police.

Apparently, husband and wife were having an argument, neighbors call police due to the increasing volume of the argument. When police arrived, wife had thrown lamp at husband, which landed square on his forehead. Police attempted to arrest wife and husband went to defend his wife and pulled a shotgun out. So, police let go of wife and grabbed husband. That's when wife pulled her own shotgun out and when she was taken down the shotgun went off, which dislocated her shoulder....


  1. WE simply cannot make this stuff up, you know? I'm cracking up here, since all turned out to have minor injuries...

    Have a great weekend.