Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its my sisters husbands baby, but his brother is the one I am saying it is the babies daddy!!!

This is an unbelievable conversation I had at triage today, still shaking my head at it.
Me: What brought you into the ER
Her: I need a pregnancy test
Me: Okay... What brought you to the ER that is an emergency?
Her: I need a pregnancy test because I have plans
Me: When was your LMP? Are you cramping? Bleeding?
Her: Think it was 6 weeks ago, but I had sex... (wait for it).... a few weeks ago with my sisters new husband and his brother wants to take me out tonight.
Me: Okay, and????
Her: He is a jerk, but if I am pregnant, I can go out with him, have sex and when the baby comes no one would say anything if it looks like my sister's husband. So, I really need that test before he calls me back!!!

By the way, this 17 year was pregnant. Should make an interesting thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Ugh. Disgusting. Sadly, I know you can't make this stuff up. Shaking my head here this am...

  2. So typical of conversations that I would have in triage at the last ER that I worked in.

  3. It is very disgusting and I wish at times like these that I could say something to the family. I wish I could just make this stuff up because I could write one heck of a novel and stop nursing...:)