Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warning: What not to do in a Snow and Ice Strom

Well, I live in the south/ mid west, if that makes any sense. Anyway, we do not get many snow storms. Our average snow fall a year is less than an inch. We get plenty of Ice storms, but it is too cold for people to really go out and do dumb things. So, bring on the snow and all the idiots come out. This past week we had 4 to 8 inches of snow dependant on area. People did not know what to do!!!

1st pet peeve:
I had 5 of my 9 nurses call out of work.... for the week, not just the day! I figure if I live 40 miles from work and had double the amount of snow than those who live two blocks away that they should be able to make it if I did.... Not the case

2nd pet peeve:
If a person is spinning on a ice road, why do you decide to keep going once you hit the ditch??? Watch 2 of these geniuses from the shallow gene pool do just that.

WTF are these patient thinking????

We have all seen what happens when a person sticks their tongue to a frozen poll, yet I took care of at least ten patients that did that one thing. What is amazing is that nine of them were over the age of 30!

I have an idea, why not have billy-bob hook a metal drum lid to the back of the tractor and go down the hill??? What happens is the lid picks up speed and rear ends the tractor resulting in 2 broken arms.

Let's take the 4-wheeler and try to cross the creek. Hell it is covered in snow...so it must be frozen.... Nope, billy-bob was lucky, the creek was only a foot deep.

Let's bury our friend in the snow like they do on the beach with sand, I know it is in the middle of a snow storm, but it will be a a great picture.... with all the snow falling, they lost poor Billy-bob and search dogs had to locate him under 4 feet of snow, which they had piled on top of him.... No worries, a touch of hypothermia doesn't kill everyone.

My personal favorite....
Women with deformity to left ankle screaming that she wants pictures so she can sue the landlord for not clearing her driveway.... We took picture, but included the 4 inch stilettos that the women was wearing in them... Must be Billy-Bob's Sister