Saturday, February 13, 2010

Urine Sample

Patient comes in confused, but has stayed confused for longer than expected. We attempt to get a urine sample from he, but are unable.

Picture this...
all nursing and doctor staff sitting around desk and talking, patient comes out of room. I attempt to get him back in room. There is a large column that block the view from the doctors desk, yet they hear me say, "no, no, put that back in your pants." At that time patient is whipping out his dick and proving his urine sample all over the chair that I was just sitting in, which of course bounces back up onto desk and into my fresh coffee. He than zips up and everyone is gaping at him. I am trying to get him back into room while everyone is just looking at him and me like he is crazy, which he was. It took me saying, "hey, how about a little help here prior to the male doctors and male nurses snapped out of it and came to my aid or the pissing patient.

First diet, than quit smoking and than someone pees in my coffee


  1. Now that is funny :D
    I was wondering how you're doing quitting smoking. That's gotta be hard.

  2. No way. What you nurses go through ... goodness.