Sunday, February 28, 2010


Tonight one mother is waiting while her little boy receives a heart transplant that he has been waiting for his entire life. 100 miles away another mother watches over her child that is in the intensive care unit after a lung transplant. 2 other mothers are holding their children after their liver transplants while other mothers around the state are thankful for having another day with their child after their transplants. Tonight 14 children have received organs because of one tragic event.

a mother took her child while she committed a crime. The victim fought back and fired at the mother's car. The victim did not know there was a 14 month old in the car and the bullet went into one side of the child's head and out the other. We did everything that we could do to help and it was determined that the child was brain dead. The loss of this child is a tragic event. Some believe that some children would be better off dead, yet every child deserves a chance no matter what type of parents they have. In this case, this child did not have a chance. However, the loss of this soul has saved 14 other souls. Sometimes thing do not make any sense in the ED, this is one of them. Thankfully, something good has come of this tragic event. There might not be any family to mourn the loss of this soul, but everyone in our department feels the loss and mourns for her.


  1. Wow. So tragic and touching. You tell this story well--this conflict between joy and despair. At least it wasn't a, "And the mother wouldn't let her child's organs be donated," tale. How horrible for the victim who shot that little baby. So many emotions ... Poor child.

  2. Thank you, Sometimes we see things that are completely senseless that we, or at least I do, try to rationalize some kind of sense out of the event. The only reason why I knew about the organs was because I had to sign off on who touched down on our landing pad.