Friday, February 5, 2010

Revenge: ER Style

I have ranted and rave about having EDS and the pain in the butt, or should I say the pain in the joints it is. Well my EDS help get a little sweet revenge on a new ER Doc today. With the help of a few other Docs:)

A few weeks ago, a new Doctor started. I have no clue where he is from, but I am positive the nurses held a party after he left.He some how believes that nurses only live to follow his commands. He does not understand that we as nurses follow protocols, which allows for nurses to order tests, give certain medications, and yes, even perform a full code with out the help of a doctor. (Not that we want to, but we can if we have to).

After making the last few weeks hell, the doctor's and us(nurses) developed a plan to teach this doc some manners. He has the habit of not looking when talking to the nurses and roughly handing the charts to us. Sort of slapping the charts in our hands, or down next to us. We have told him many times not to do that, but he just doesn't care.

This is where my EDS comes into play. Just for the record, it was not my idea, I just went along with it. I can dislocate most of my joints on demand, and at times the doctors have relocated me after having a few good laughs when I can't relocate myself.

Here is the set-up:
1. take ring braces off fingers and wait till new doc is not looking and slaps a chart down next to me.

2. Hyper-extend/ dislocate fingers and yell

3. When old doc, who is in on it, looks down holds hand and pretends to exam dislocated fingers, pop the shoulder out

4. Old doc calls over new doc, and asks him why he slapped my hand with the chart.

5. Wait till new doc looks at hand and grabs hand to exam to yell that he is pulling shoulder out.

6. New doc than sees shoulder is out, give him a few minutes of thinking he abused some poor nurse.... than pop shoulder back in, flex fingers back, and tell him to stop slapping charts down at the nurses.

It is comical to watch the emotions that crossed his face, but he has not slapped a chart in the hands or next to any nurse since then.

only draw back was that my ortho got called in for another patient and the doctors let the gag slip out of the bag to my ortho, who in turn gave me a lecture (another) on the hazards of voluntarily dislocations. Some how the doctors never let it slip that it was THEIR idea.


  1. That sounds like it would be fun!

    If I could do it, I would definitely go for the elbow, it's got to be the most horrible looking dislocation (to me at least).

  2. LOL.... it does, but that one hurts

  3. Hi, frequent reader but first time poster (at least i dont think i have posted here before). I also have EDS (hypermobile type) and while I cant dislocate joints on my own (except my wrist) I have played tricks on people before.

    I worked in a concession stand at a local hockey arena and the trainer / med guy for our team repeatidly would run through the hall or throw stuff down the hall and hit us occasionally. Well I can hyperextend my knees farther than anyone else (according to 3 dr's, one specilized in EDS) so the one day he came bareling down the hall and bumbed in to me (I was leaning against the wall) so I shifted to majorly hyperextend my knees and place them right against the wall, with my feet a good foot out in front of me and a co-worker yelled at him to 'look what you did'. He looked back, did a double take then came flying back down, telling my coworker to call 911 and for me not to move, he was scared and thought, well i dont know what he thought but it was serious injury at least.

    He told me not to move, so I just said 'I have to move I am still on the clock' and stood up and walked back in and got to work.

    He never again ran in to us or threw things down the hall and after he realized it was normal to me, of course he wanted to see what else I could do lol.

  4. LOL! This, is totally awesome!!

    That has got to be the best use of voluntarily dislocating a joint, EVER! So there ARE some perks to EDS after all eh?

    Genius! =)