Monday, February 22, 2010


Busy week, for some reason we are hold patients in the ED and still excepting transfers. This is just crazy. There are not enough nurses to cover all of the beds on the floors, so we hold them. Yet, no one seems to be concerned that we in the er, don't have the nurses to handle the same amount of er patients, plus hold floor patients. Crap, I have patients stacked in the halls and 4o deep in the waiting room. i really do not know how long we can keep at this before everything breaks down further.

Anyway, completing some papers for school and getting butt kicked at work. thought i would at least post today. Sorry if not interesting:)


  1. whoa, sounds busy indeed. not sure how to approach the topic, so i'm just going to throw it out there: advice for a guy that's currently knocking-out pre-req's towards the bsn? (i hold a b.a. in english)

    yeah, that's wide open! :) thx!!

  2. Coffee,
    Don't stop school. You can always get through it. I have a bunch of friends that I went to ADN with and we all said we were going to keep going. right now, I am the only one who has. I am counting the weeks now, 16 to go for BSN. Then start NP in dec. I look at the week and not the semester because I would just be overwhelmed.To me, the BSN is only a stepping stone to the MSN because there is no real pay increase or opportunity for having an BSN in the work force.