Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post 100 My day

For a couple of weeks I have been debating of what to post as my 100th post. Then I realized that it really did not matter because I was not posting at all while I was debating on what to post.
So, what the hell, I am just going to post about my day because my day was laughable when I look back on it.

1. Get to work and realize scrubs are on inside out.
2. grab husbands coffee instead of mine, not a good thing
3. Broke my Rosary, yes I carry one, I am superstition and everything goes bad when I do not have it. The doctors had bought it for me from Rome and they too believe that the day will go to hell if it is not in my pocket. ( It has become a running joke in the ER)No, I don't preach and never have it out, but it was my security blanket that I kept tucked away for comfort)
4. Had a resident stick me when we were holding down a child for stitches (thankful it was a clean needle)
5. vomited on and took 30 minutes to find scrubs
6. gun shot to the chest ended with me being sprayed with 500ml of blood when chest tube was placed. (dang undies even got socked, ended up running around all day with no undies, which was found quite funny to my co-workers)
7.ran over by a linen cart with my diet cherry limeade in my hands, which ended up in yet another change of scrubs.
8. peed on by a drunk, yup you guessed it, another change of scrubs.
9. finally, had a another code. problem is, I had changed scrubs so many times that I only could find an XL top the last time. I wear XS bottoms and S or M top. Well, just a warning to all women at there, if you have to do a code in a top that is too big, you boobs will be exposed during compressions and you really don't have the time to put them back up.

What I learned today,
1. Get a new Rosary!!!!
2. Be thankful that I have great co-workers, even if all were guys today. My partner in crime 1st tucked the girls back in by pulling scrub top back up, then took off his under shirt for me to swim in under the XL top! Now that is a buddy for life.
3.Bring at-least 4 sets of extra scrubs to stash in locker.
4. I really do know way too many 4 letter words!

even though the day just would not go right, I still enjoy my job an love my co-workers. Looking back on it, I really should have stayed in bed, but the chain of events that unfolded were hilarious even if I was the butt of the joke though out the day.


  1. LOL...this is one of those days that you just can't make up! I think four scrubs is a good number...for you...if this keeps going on! But the comedy of errors and your laughter at the situations is awesome and refreshing. And commendable! Way to go with the flow.

  2. Wow. That's some day. I'm exhausted just reading about it.

  3. omg...i laughed so hard...I almost peeded myself....