Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nursing Bloopers

ER Doctors and nurses are human, and working together day in and out we get comfortable with each other,and end up doing something stupid at some point. So here are my op 3 bloopers of the year.

1. While sitting down, reached for IV cart that was behind me. Problem was that a male nurse was standing behind me and I ended up grabbing his family jewels. Funny part was that I didn't register what I had grabbed and squeezed trying to figure out what I was holding. (He seemed happy, but I was mortified and still have not lived it down)

2. One of my coworkers has lost a ton of weight, yet has not bought any new scrubs. During a code, she was doing compressions and her scrub bottoms slipped right down and exposed her Minnie mouse bottoms. (Her new nick name is Minnie).

3. Bored one night, which does not happen often, stretcher surfing somehow got started. Well there is a ramp outside of the EMS doors. Long story shorten. Doc, who was winning, ended up flying down the hall, unable to make the turn and out the door he went and down the ramp into a dumpster he landed. Lucky he was not hurt, but we now call him Oscar (You know, from sesame street)


  1. Those are great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA an accidental handjob, fun underwear, and dumpster diving. All for the win :-).

  3. Too funny...cracking up the Minnie story and the jewel story best~ I'll skip anymore teasing about that famous jewel grab of yours..