Monday, June 14, 2010

Code 3 Sunburn

Radio report:
29 year old male...... sunburn related itching

What the ED status was:
42 rooms filled, 20 in waiting room, 3 EMS reports coming in

As the poor EMS rolled in, we saw:
Wife rubbing lotion on Pt's back in tears saying he is going to die with out pain meds. PT on his belly screaming and yelling that it itches soooooooooooo bad!

My response:
Walked over, saw a very minor sunburn that was covered in about 2 large bottles of coco butter and globs. Asked the PT if he had any other injuries,

"nope just itching like crazy, it's going to kill me."

Are you allergic to anything, like maybe coco butter?

"Nope use it all the time, but right now it isn't helping! Are you going to give me Xanax or Valium now? That is the only thing that helps my itching!"

Can you walk?


Okay, you can go though those double doors to your left and check in at triage.

Pt's wife then screams are me,"we want straight back that is why we called 911!

4 hours later, triage calls me because a PT wants to file a complaint

Guess who... sunburn guy

his complaint was that he was treated for sunburn and discharged with out pain meds. Wife wanted him admitted and placed on a Dilaudid drip. Conversation just went downhill from there. At one point I could not help but to ask more questions for entertainment!


  1. Xanax or valium for itching? A muscle relaxant? Really?

    Sheesh. I think every drug-seeker story tops the next one.

    (I mean, the dilaudid for sunburn is just the icing on the WTF cake)