Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funnies of the day

Patient calls in and tells me that he can't get the toilet paper out of his wound. Once again, I had to ask.... Why is there toilet paper in your wound, Well doc had done an I&D and packed it, the packing looked like skinny worms, so he pulled it out and stuff it with toilet paper....

child presents with c/o fever, during triage she doesn't have a fever and everything else came back normal, mom asks if we can admit her baby for a few hours.... once again I ask why, apparently mom had a lunch date....

another call, women wanted to know if she could eat nutella with a nut allergy if she pretreated herself with her epi pen.... I so wanted to say sure, not a problem. see ya in 30 minutes.

However, my favorite call of the day was a little boy calling to see if I could xray his dogs leg. The dog was limping and he was worried that it had hurt his leg. What is funnier was that the little boy was my son!!! and yes we xray the leg and ended up with a sucker-for-kids er doc, splinting a dogs broken leg till we could take him to the vet. Thankful I did not have to pay the $100 co-pay my insurance charges:)

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