Friday, July 23, 2010

What not to do or say in the ER

1. As a 1st year resident on a student visa, yell at the nurse when you have no idea what the heck you are talking about. Result will be the nurses taking up a collection for your one way ticket back home and handing it to you in front of your attending, who by the way loves us.

2. Don't say while you are attempting to place an ET Tube, "Damn my tube is huge and her mouth is too small." Result will be the perverted nurse laughing her butt off and everyone in the room catching the giggles.

3. Don't play a practical joke on the charge nurse because it makes you fair game. Result will be your coffee cup dermabonded to the desk.

All kidding aside...

Do remember when you are having a bad day that we are in it together, we have your back as you have ours. If you are new to the ER setting, most of us working in the department have worked together so long that we are family. We have are times that we love to hate each other, but in the end we are there for each other.


  1. hey btw swing by my blog and get your award

  2. Thank you for giving me quite a few chuckles reading your blog.

  3. The ER is not for everyone. I worked there for a month, and although I was trying my very best, and thought I was doing well, that "family" let me know very quickly I was not welcome in the house.
    I really wish my experience could have been different.

  4. I've heard that the ER is pretty clique-ish. A friend of mine transferred there, and it took almost a year before they accepted him as one of their own.

    The ER...number one example of nurses eating their young.

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