Monday, July 19, 2010

There comes a time....

There comes a time when a person must take responsibility for themselves. If they do not then their care takers need to buck up and make responsible choices.

I have a 39 year old male that lived with his mother his entire life. His mother was ill and had him placed in a nursing home 2 months earlier. However, the nursing home had set up independent living for him complete with 24 hour aid to help care for him. Sounds great, but here is the catch.

When he presented to me, he came into the ER on a SWAT teams flat bed truck, he was soaked head to toe with urine, fecal matter, and unknown debris. He had fired his aid 2 days earlier and had no one to care for him, which he was completely bedridden. All of his medical conditions and his current condition was completely due to one modifiable condition. His weight. He came in weighing 894lbs. according to his medical records he has had and average yearly weight gain of 150lbs over the last 4 years. In talking to him, I felt sorry for him. In front of me laid a man that was able to walk, bathe, or even find his penis to urinate all because he was overweight. Earlier this year, he had a trach placed because the weight was causing breathing problems. I wondered how he could have gotten to this point and if he had any medical condition, which caused him to gain weight. There was none, he was overweight by choice. In talking to him, he believed that if he broke the Genesis book record for the heaviest man, then he would become famous and never have to work. So, I would say he had a mental disorder there!!!

Now here is where responsibility for ones self should kick in. Once he started developing medical problems, he should have gone on a diet. Once he was unable to do anything for himself, he should have rethought his idea of being the worlds heaviest man.

Responsibility as the care taker (his mother). If your son is so overweight you have to wipe his butt at the age of 39. Then put him on a diet. Seeing that his mother had to take total care of him, why did she keep feeding him everything that he wanted? He reported that breakfast normal consist of 1lb bacon, 6 sausages, pancakes and a dozen eggs... does anyone see the problem here I wanted to say to his family. Now back to the live in aid. He fired he because she made the diet that the doctor had ordered. He instructed her to leave the phone by the bed, his wallet by the bed and the front door unlocked. Over the few days that he was without help, he ordered and average of 40 pizzas a day, side order of wings, and bread sticks. He was worried about food and did not care about his toileting needs. The only reason that 911 was called was because the one night he had ordered Chinese, well the delivery guy call 911 due to the condition of the patient and truly believed that someone was dead in the house due to the smell.

What gets better is that he refused medical care when EMS arrived. Police had to be called and adult protective services had to file and emergency order of custody. Then the fun part came. How to get this guy out of his home and to the hospital. It is just sad, but people need a wake up call. After all was said and done, he still insists that he needs to keep to 10,000 calories a day to reach his weight goal.

As a side note, is it really right for tax payer to foot the bill for his selfinflicted medical conditions? He is on SSID, all of his meds are paid for, foodstamps supply him with a portion of his food, medical bills are paid, and he had HUD housing. To me there comes a time that we need to just cut the umblical cord. If he wants this life and he is doing it on purpose, let him. Just let him foot his own bill!


  1. :O

    That is truly appalling! I agree; he should be footing the bill for this hobby of his.

    Kudos to the aide who prepared the doctor-prescribed diet.

  2. Big kudos to the aide
    What is bad is that he thought we were there to wait on him hand and foot and had the nerve to ask if we would scratch his balls. His reasoning was that he could not reach them, our answer was here is a back scratcher!!!

  3. Oh, MLee...this is one of the cases that simultaneously makes you want to throw up AND shake your head in wonder.

    I hope all turned out well. It sounds like he needs some intensive medical and psychiatric care.

    Well-written, too.


  4. "I have a 39 year old male that lived with his mother his entire life." Who was going to free him from his loving Mom? I am sure Mom was a perfectly decent parent.
    The mother fed and cleaned up after her baby like a good mother. She couldn't be a bad mother could she? He couldn't leave his Mom all alone could he?
    Mom couldn't see the forest for the trees. Those in the emergency department blogworld write of stupid people all the time, just another case of stupid.

  5. Mark, I don't think this guy was stupid, I really think he has many issues, mental, emotional, and physical. As for his mother, I don't understand why or how she could not get help for or son, or how she could bend to his demands of 10,000 calories a day when it was her who prep his food. This entire case makes me just shake my head. As a mother, I just do not understand it. This family just has so many different issues going on.

    Basically, I just did shake my head, but looking down at this guy, I just felt sorry for him. He seemed to be a little boy encompassed and trapped in his very large body. He is getting help, hopefully he will abandons his goal and form new ones, such as, losing the most weight.

  6. Remember this story? Copy and pasted.
    Both the morbidly overweight and the food preparer are crazy.

    Woman stuck on toilet for two years
    11:45 AM Friday Mar 14, 2008
    Questions are being asked about why the 36-year-old antique store worker didn't raise the alarm earlier.

    But he insists the situation developed slowly and he had come to believe his girlfriend's behaviour wasn't strange.

    "It just kind of happened one day; she went in and had been in there a little while, the next time it was a little longer. Then she got it in her head she was going to stay - like it was a safe place for her," he said.

    McFarren insisted Babcock hadn't spent the entire two years on the toilet, claiming that until late January she was taking baths and changing her clothes regularly.

    He says he panicked and finally called for help two weeks ago when Babcock appeared groggy after spending as much as a month sitting on the toilet.

    McFarren says Babcock developed a phobia about leaving the bathroom which stemmed from beatings she received in her childhood.

    But despite his professions that he was caring for his partner of 16 years, authorities have indicated they are considering charging him with mistreatment of a dependent adult.

    Babcock's legs atrophied (suffered muscle wastage) as a result of her sitting on the toilet for so long and it's not known if she will ever walk again.


    At the mobile home officers discovered Babcock's skin had grown around the toilet seat on which she was sitting. To remove her, they had to pry the seat from the toilet before Babcock could be brought to a hospital, where the seat was finally removed. Authorities believe that, while Babcock was in the bathroom for two years, she had been sitting on the toilet for approximately a month.

    McFarren was charged on March 17, 2008, with mistreatment of a dependent adult.Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Sheriff recommends charges in toilet case (March 14, 2008)3 Six days later, McFarren was arrested again, accused of exposing himself to neighborhood teenage girls.

    On July 30, 2008, McFarren was sentenced to six months probation for mistreatment of a dependent adult and six months in prison for lewd and lascivious behavior.

  7. Mark, wow, No I had never heard of that story. People amaze me!!!