Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Bucket

After working in the emergency department for as long as I have, you think I would know what questions not to ask. However, I am a curious person and can;t resist asking the unaskable. For example, I have learned not to ask what is is your pocket, what is under your coat, what position where you in, and so on. You think that I would no better to ask what is in the bucket??? Nope, not I. I just have to know! Well a client came in with fracture arm after falling at the creek. He came in in swim shorts and muck boots.... that should have been my first clue. His attire included a 5 gallon bucket with the lid on tight that had small pin holes in top... That should have been my second clue, but no. My curiosity and the egging on from less bold co-workers lead me to ask the loaded question! What's in the bucket???? My first thought that it was bait, but when I picked up the bucket to move it it was heavy and no swishing of fluid. so I really had no clue and had developed increasing curiosity by the minute. The patient told me to go ahead and open it. Nope I have learned that lesson, which is an entirely different but related story. Anyway, he opened it for me and I nealy died. In the bucket was 17 diamond back rattlers!!! Just rattling away when he lifted the lid. Why did he have them, he was collecting them or research when he fell and broke his arm. Why did he bring them into the ER? He did not want them to die in his car. What would I have done if they were my snakes????? Had one hell of a barbecue, but definitely would not have caught, touched, and been anywhere near them while they were alive!!! Will I learn my lesson and stop asking always loaded, "what do you have there question?" nope, but will never open any container on my own!


  1. ugh. had to look, didn't you?! :)

  2. lol... could not resist! kinda of like looking at a double crack:)