Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rigor: If limbs are sticking up.... CPR is not going to work

Just had to share this, it happened a few days prior to getting ill. Attempted to find a picture to place with this posting, but even i could not go as low as the ones I found. Anyway....

EMS call on the phone that should have been my first clue that it was something bad.
Apparently, family found grandma not breathing and bluish/black on one side of her body... that should have been my second clue. Family had started CPR when they found her. EMS arrived and attempted to inform them that there was nothing they could do and that grandma had been gone for a very long time. Family insist that EMS start CPR and EMS did. (No fault of their own, the situation they was in, I would have started also). Family then insist that one of them rides with grandma to the ER. In route, EMS call police and have them met them at the ER. I am called to the EMS bay.

This is what I find.....Picture it

Police are cuffing relative because he had pulled a gun on EMS to keep them doing CPR. Poor paramedics are bagging and doing compression on a very deceased grandma
....... Grandma had passed away sitting in her chair. She then had slumped over to her left side, which had pulled with all of her blood. Hence, one side of her body was about black. Wheeling her in, was interesting. There laid poor grandma on the stretcher with her arms and legs sticking straight up in the air.... She was in full rigor, basically in the sitting position.

I truly do feel bad for the family, not very educated, they did not know any better. Still... I have to tease the medics

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