Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Okay, I am very proud of you for placing that ET-Tube, hell it only took 20 minutes and you made me don full gowns. However, when your nurse tells you that she has a bad feeling about this patient, then you might want to believe her. When the nurse tell you that she is not going to hang dip until a BP is obtained, you need to pay attention because something is going bad! When the nurse tells you that rhythm has changed, know what the hell she is talking about. When the nurse tells you to check for the pulse while she is grabbing a Doppler, something has gone very bad. When you hear the nurse say, "ahh Shit here we go," as she pops the cart and tells someone to start compressions, things are beyond bad! While the nurse is pushing epi, don't ask what the hell I am doing. I am doing my job and was while you were not paying attention and bragging to the other residents about how well your intubation went. So, don't act so surprised when you were told that the women was coding dumb ass! As a side note, the variance that you wrote up on me that stated:

1. nurse failed to follow medication orders (Diprivan). Need BP prior to hanging
2. Nurse push medications with out medication order (epi). Basic ACLS
3. nurse ordered medical test without order (EKG and post tube placement XR).Protocal
4. nurse was verbally abusive (referred to me as a dumb ass). you were being a dumb ass!

My boss found it quite amusing and forwarded it to your attending,who is the same attending that brings me coffee every morning. I am sure that you will if you have not already be called a dumb ass more than once today:)


  1. Oh, I think we've all dealt with a few residents like that, but the majority of the residents I deal with are truly caring people who want to do right and be the best they can. Part of my time spent with them is learning that we are all a team, no pedestals allowed, and any info like you shared would have been acknowledged and addressed in a quicker, more appreciative manner. Hopefully the patient did okay...

  2. I know of a couple attendings who tell the residents right out of the gate to "listen to the nurse, because they know their shit and it will ultimately save your ass".

    Ahhh...the egos...I lurves them!

  3. What a douche bag. Glad you knew your shit.